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Wake Up Routine

The morning routine at the house should allow enough time for the consumers to get up, get dressed and eat breakfast, without being rushed and harried. If this means that the counselors must get up 15 minutes earlier to ensure that this does not happen, then the staff will get up ealier. In no case will consumers be up and around in the morning without supervision while the staff sleeps in.
The wake-up routine on the weekends should also be such that the staff is up at the same time as the consumers. Morning medications are given in this house, they are to be handed out at the time prescribed by the doctor, whether it is a weekend or a weekday. Morning medications are not to be delayed to allow staff to sleep in.
Staff are considered to be on duty ant time there are consumers in the house. No counselors may leave the house alone at any time while on duty. This includes even a short trip to a store. At no time while there are two staff on duty will one staff have all the consumer responsibility while other staff has none.