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Volunteers and student interns cannot be used to provide the major part of the facility coverage.  Sufficiently qualified staff be present at all times so the facility will not depend upon the use of volunteers for services.  Volunteers may provide supplementary coverage by working with participants individually or in groups under the supervision of facility staff.  At no time shall volunteers receive salary, wages or honorarium for their services.
1.     Orientation and training as required do apply to volunteers as well as staff
2.     Volunteers are supervised weekly by designated staff member.
3.     Volunteers are expected to document their acts.
4.     Volunteers do not have access to consumers' records unless authority is procured from a consumer as well as the Program Director.
5.    All volunteers must sign Joyful Healthcare Inc., Volunteer Service Agreement.  One signed copy is kept by the Program Director and another copy is sent to the Executive Director.
6.   Volunteers may drive Joyful Healthcare Inc., vehicle if they have a Washington DC driver's license.  The volunteer must sign a "Volunteer Consultant or Contract Agreement."  A signed copy is sent to the Program Director.  Another copy is sent to the Executive Director.  This form should be attached.