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Staff Visitors

Joyful healthcare Inc., encourages visitors to its home(s). We believe that this is a normalizing community contact, which can be very beneficial to the participants. Since many of the participants have no family or friends of their own, Joyful Healthcare Inc., may allow staff to invite their family and friends to visit.
However, staff must realize that while they are in the houses, they are on duty. To invite friends over to visit with the consumers and provide them with a little more individualized attention than they would ordinarily receive is one thing. To invite friends over to visit with staff to the exclusion of the consumers is altogether different. Staff will make arrangements to see their friends on their own time. The same rule applies to personal phone calls on duty. Staff will also ensure that any visitor they have in their houses meets all of our policies, especially with regard to:

1. Confidentiality
2. Verbal Abuse
3. Consuming of alcoholic beverages and active programing