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Our Staff Policy

Professional Conduct

All professional staff members and consultants conduct themselves in accordance with the ethical standards used by each profession. Staff Orientation/Training Each staff person receives a comprehensive orientation and continuing in-service training to assure competence in the performance of his/her duties.

Alcohol Policy

According to Joyful Healthcare Inc., policy, drinking by any employee who is on duty is prohibited. Further, no alcohol is to be kept by and in any property operated by Joyful Healthcare Inc., No on-duty counselor is permitted to drink any intoxicative beverage either in the facility or while at a concert or restaurant. Further, no staff is permitted to keep any alcohol in the home. If a consumer requests a drink either at a restaurant or in the house, and this is not medically contraindicated, the participant may have a drink. This is not to be interpreted as a license for intoxication.

Wake Up Routine

The morning routine at the house should allow enough time for the consumers to get up, get dressed and eat breakfast, without being rushed and harried. If this means that the counselors must get up 15 minutes earlier to ensure that this does not happen, then the staff will get up ealier. In no case will consumers be up and around in the morning without supervision while the staff sleeps in. The wake-up routine on the weekends should also be such that the staff is up at the same time as the consumers. Morning medications are given in this house, they are to be handed out at the time prescribed by the doctor, whether it is a weekend or a weekday. Morning medications are not to be delayed to allow staff to sleep in. Staff are considered to be on duty ant time there are consumers in the house. No counselors may leave the house alone at any time while on duty. This includes even a short trip to a store. At no time while there are two staff on duty will one staff have all the consumer responsibility while other staff has none.


It is Joyful Healthcare Inc., policy that while consumers are in their care, active programming do take place. Active programming and watching TV are mutually exclusive. Consumers are not to come home and spend the afternoon watching TV., eat dinner, and spend the evening watching TV either within rooms or in the living room. TV is not to be used as a baby-sitter to give staff time off. Nor is it to be the leisure activity of choice. Consumers should learn that there are other leisure time activities that they may pursue. Teaching this lesson is the responsibility of each individual staff. Recreation, either individually or in groups should be planned for each consumer each week until the consumer becomes adept at making his own leisure time choices.


Staff who are scheduled to work on a holiday and become ill will be required to bring a doctor's slip certifying their illness when they return. The holidays are a family time and staff do have families. Therefore, at these times, the visiting rule for families and friends are relaxed. This does not mean that you serve thanksgiving dinner to your ten brothers and sisters and all their children on the Group Home budget. It could mean that you have a covered dish dinner and your family comes to visit you. It could also mean, if only one or two consumers are left, that you can take them to your mother's for Christmas day while you visit with your family. Just remember to be reasonable, use your best judgment, and let a supervisor know where you can be reached in case you are needed.


Volunteers and student interns cannot be used to provide the major part of the facility coverage. Sufficiently qualified staff be present at all times so the facility will not depend upon the use of volunteers for services. Volunteers may provide supplementary coverage by working with participants individually or in groups under the supervision of facility staff.

Staff Visitors

Joyful healthcare Inc., encourages visitors to its home(s). We believe that this is a normalizing community contact, which can be very beneficial to the participants. Since many of the participants have no family or friends of their own, Joyful Healthcare Inc., may allow staff to invite their family and friends to visit. However, staff must realize that while they are in the houses, they are on duty. To invite friends over to visit with the consumers and provide them with a little more individualized attention than they would ordinarily receive is one thing. To invite friends over to visit with staff to the exclusion of the consumers is altogether different. Staff will make arrangements to see their friends on their own time. The same rule applies to personal phone calls on duty. Staff will also ensure that any visitor they have in their houses meets all of our policies, especially with regard to: 1. Confidentiality 2. Verbal Abuse 3. Consuming of alcoholic beverages and active programing

Active Programming

Staff are responsible for active programming at all times. This means that staff are to be actively involve with their consumers and their consumers program during duty time. Staff cannot do active programing while they are in their bedroom, watching TV or sitting and chatting with a friend on the phone. Staff will also be evaluated as to the level of active programming that is apparent in their houses.

Staff Training program

Joyful healthcare Inc., staff will have a training program that assures in-service training to be provided on a continuous basis to establish and maintain skills sufficient to the provision of active treatment services to participants. 1. The program Director is responsible for staff development and training. 2. Supervisory and management training is provided to the staff. 3. All employees are required to participate in schedule training sessions that are appropriate to their duties. 4. In-service training is provided for any new employee who has not achieved the desired level of competence. 5. Orientation for each new employee is provided. Orientation will include the philosophy, organization program, practices and goals of JOYFUL HEALTHCARE INC.