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Professional Conduct

All professional staff members and consultants conduct themselves in accordance with the ethical standards used by each profession.   Staff Orientation/Training Each staff person receives a comprehensive orientation and continuing in-service training to assure competence in the performance of his/her duties. During the first day of employment the following are accomplished with the Program Director:

1.   Orientation to the facility and organization
- Tour and introductions
- Explanation of personnel organization
- Review of job description
- Personnel and payroll requirements

2.   Safety
- Explanation of emergency procedures

3.   Other
- Explanation and review of the following Policies:
- Rights
- Abuse of Participants
- Exploitation of Participants
- Discipline
- Behavior Management
- Confidentiality
- Orientation to records and file system
- Orientation to the specific consumers for which the staff person is responsible.

New staff are not assigned program responsibilities prior to the above orientation. Each employee will be given a copy of joyful Healthcare Inc,. Policy and Procedure Manual for study and reference.  Within 30 days after receipt the employee is expected to be familiar with its contents.  It is the responsibility of each employee to seek clarification of policies and procedures when necessary. The Program Director and/or the designated representative schedules at least one hour weekly for individual orientation during the first month of each staff person's employment.. Continuing staff development is assured by the Director, by the use of staff meetings, in-service training session, reading assignments, etc. Documentation of staff orientation and training are made on the appropriate forms.