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About Us

Joyful Healthcare Inc., is a Medicaid waiver Home Community Based services program incorporated in Washington DC, to provide services to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the privacy of their homes, supervised facilities (apartments) and community residential facilities (CRF).

Our Mission

The mission of Joyful Healthcare Inc., is to provide people with developmental and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our dedicated professionals promote successful community living for people and work to enhance their dignity, self-esteem and quality of life. Joyful Healthcare Inc.'s goal is to provide person centered and outcome driven services, in a creative and professional manner in order that individuals with intellectual disability and dually diagnosis have opportunity to live successfully in the community.

Our Philosphy

Joyful Healthcare Inc., Philosophy of Service is based on the principle that all individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and be assured the maximum opportunities for self-determination.

This means that persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have the same options as non-disabled members of the community:

  • The opportunity to live in the community, be included in community life and participate in a variety of community activities.
  • The opportunities to have choices, make decisions, and have control over aspects of their lives.
  • The opportunity to experience the network of community and natural supports.
  • The opportunity to establish friendships and participate in activities with disabled and non-disabled individuals in the community.

Joyful Healthcare Inc., follows Mosher's surrogate Peer Support Philosophy that ensures our clients a safe, home like environment that is non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian. This philosophy uses flexible and creative engagement strategies to provide an atmosphere where people can access services and support in the least restrictive environments and lays the foundation for further intervention strategies. All services provided are voluntary and non-coercive, easily accessible, culturally appropriate focus on recovery and development of coping skills, and promote community inclusion.

Joyful Healthcare Inc., believes that effective and meaningful treatment can be provided only by the continuous pursuit of quality embracing the following principles:

  • Compliance with standards of care and service is enhanced through on going monitoring , evaluation and improvement of clinical practice and programs.
  • Effective resource allocation is met through strategic analysis of the individual, community and organization needs. A commitment to staff training, development and competency-based performance, evaluation, benefits the individual's professional growth and development as well as enhances overall quality of care to individuals.
  • The wellbeing and quality of individuals' lives will be enhanced through individual and family education as well as involvement in both service and organizational planning.

Services Delivery Philosophy

Joyful Healthcare Inc., Philosophy of service includes the wholistic approach to assessment and service planning.  This approach looks at each person's unique physical, psychological and social needs and strengths in order to help define short and long term goals and objectives.  Physical needs are addressed through a focus on the maintenance of basic health (i.e., sleep patterns, nutrition, exercise, personal hygiene) and facilitating individual access to appropriate healthcare providers,  Psychological needs are addressed through the provision of counseling and supportive interventions, incorporating awareness of developmental issues, educational interventions to enhance stress management, prevent relapse and increase overall coping skills and linkages, as well as support of peer interactions.Joyful Healthcare Inc., have professionals and paraprofessionals with many years of experience and expertise in providing therapeutic services to individuals with severe to profound intellectual disability and other pervasive developmental disabilities and dually diagnosis.Joyful Healthcare Inc., will strive to keep communication channels open and unencumbered.  Due to the diversity and complexity of our services and in an effort to remain responsive to individuals needs in a timely manner, the management structure will be kept as direct and non-complex as possible.  Joyful Healthcare Inc., will maintain a sufficient number of qualified and competent staff who are responsible for delivering and evaluating quality service in accordance with current standards of mental retardation and physically challenged practices, licensure and accreditation standards as well as clinical Policies and Procedures.  Staff composition is based on the goals and objectives of the program and recognition of the clinical skills required to achieve these goals as defined in the program's Staffing Allocation Plan.  Disciplines that may be included in the composition are Counselling, Social Work, Psychology, Nursing Behavior Management and as appropriate and other professionals.  All program staff will possess appropriate degrees and work experience in their respective disciplines as described in their job descriptions.  The services of consultants will be utilized as special needs arise.Joyful Healthcare Inc., follows Strength's Model that focuses on the individual's strengths, interests and abilities and not on weaknesses, deficits or problems.  The relationship between the house management and the individual will be that of collaboration and partnership.Joyful Healthcare Inc., approaches will include person-centered planning, positive behavioral support counseling and the offering of guided choices that are the integral components of service delivery.Joyful Healthcare Inc., provides services in four distinct areas:

  • Residential
  • Case Management
  • Crisis Stabilization
  • Community Support

Joyful healthcare Inc., provides two broad categories of services:

  • Treatment
  • Residential

Treatment will be those interventions that promote successful community living and promote the accomplishment of individually defined goals.  Emphasis is on raising and maintaining adaptive living skills, reduction and management of psychiatric symptoms, teaching and reinforcing behaviors that enhance functioning, facilitating the development of natural and community supports and ensuring access to healthcare and social services.

These services will be accomplished through four areas of intervention:


A process that consists of face-to-face interviews, staff observations, overnights (as appropriate to the program) and review of clinical record information to make a formal determination regarding the appropriateness for admission to identify and priotize individual needs, provide information to initiate and monitor the effectiveness of Service Plan. While assessment is an on-going process, it begins with the first inquiry or referral and continues throughout an individual's stay within the program. Information from other service providers is taken into consideration during all phases of the assessment process.


Staff support individuals in a variety of activities designed to assist them in accessing service systems and community resources. This may include: - Linking individuals with entitlements, therapy, life skills classes, recreational opportunities and employment training programs - Monitoring health and safety issues; assisting individuals in making and keeping appointments, and - Arranging other interventions when needed. Staff encourages individuals to explore the community at their own pace. Individuals learn to negotiate the use of natural community. Integration may include, providing information on civic, vocational, cultural or volunteer opportunities.


Staff members assist individuals in developing an Individualized Service Plan that sets achievable goals and objectives that address the individual's needs. Both staff and individuals formally review and if necessary revise the service plan as needed. Ongoing re-assessments are made informally during regular counseling/case management sessions and more formally every six months. This flexibility of services allow staff to continually adapt the program to meet each individual's changing needs and reinforce individual responsibility and choice in his/her setting. Input from family members and other service providers is used in service planning whenever possible and appropriate.


Staff support each individual's rights, feeling and opinions. Individuals take an active role in formulating their service plan. The individual's ability to express personal preferences in regard to the activities in which they participate, the needs they have and their feeling regarding their progress is continually reinforced.